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Dear all

I am a university student and for our project we need to find the software patterns the Mozilla Thunderbird is using. So far however i have not been able to find any solid information, i can only speculate what kind of patterns they have implemented. Could someone point me to a reliable source (if any) about the software patterns used?

Thanks in advance!


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I think you may be referring to this: ... ding_Style
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If you are asking about "Gang of Four" (GOF) type design patterns I doubt that is explicitly documented. See ... ode_online , ... _interface , ... or_Newbies and ... structions . Since a lot of Thunderbird's features are not built-in and are provided by add-ons (there are hundreds of them) I suggest you browse the documentation on how to develop an add-on at and consider including the Lightning, Enigmail, and Thunderbird Conversations add-ons as part of what you are studying. They're pretty big/complex add-ons.

You should also look at SkinkGlue as that code to add new account types is being emerged into Thunderbird according to the current roadmap for the next major release. ... nformation

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