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Hi all,

I have built an active directory server running Server 2012. I am not trying to get the users emails configured with the roaming profiles. I have installed Thunderbird onto each PC and configured the email account on the first PC, the issue is when I go to the second PC the account details are not present.

I noticed that the appdata was not being pulled across with the roaming profile so I wrote a simple script to copy the file to the server and then back to the same location on the second PC to see if Thunderbird would pick it up. Although it did see the profile it stated that the profile was unusable.

Is it possible to configure Thunderbird to working with Server 2012 roaming profile so that the user can have access to their emails from any PC without having to configure the PC each time they go to a new one. The emails are coming from an IMAP server.

Any information regarding this would be great,




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One solution for a roaming user is to have them plug in a flash drive/usb drive that contains Portable Thunderbird and their profile into a USB port. That doesn't require any installation. The main downside is that you want a very fast flash drive and you need to have a plan for how to replace their profile if they lose/destroy the flash drive.

The normal version of Thunderbird looks in a profiles.ini file on the boot drive (the exact location depends upon the users windows username) to find where the profiles are stored and which one to use by default. That profile could be on a file share. You could have the user each time they go to a new PC mount a file share for where the profile is stored, and then use a command line argument to specify the profiles location when they launch Thunderbird. That ignores the contents of profiles.ini. Hopefully the active directory server could run a script when they login to the domain to automate that. See ... hunderbird

You might also want to glance at and ... nistrators .

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