I need a easy method for getting the address/contacts import

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Does anyone have an easy, understandable method for importing address/contacts
from Windows Mail (W10).

I tried the one with importing from a CSV and ended with rubbish.




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The imported data did not properly populate the address book. If you open one of the contact cards created by the import you may find that there is no entry in the field "Email".

To correct this, start by creating a NEW address book. Manually create one record in that new address book and then export the data from the new book. Click on the name of the new address book, then use menu path Tools->Export->Address Books->give the output a name and select "save as type" Comma Separated (CSV). Load the exported file into Excel and do the same with the data file from which you previously imported to Thunderbird. If necessary, reorder the columns in the file from which you intend to import so that it matches the order of those in the export from Thunderbird. Save the data back to CSV format and import that to Thunderbird.

Open an contact record from the newly created address book in Thunderbird to confirm that the email address field is properly populated. If it is, you can delete the address book created by the first import attempt and delete the records from the Personal Address Book. Finally, move or copy the data from the latest import to the Personal Address Book.


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Dan described what to do if the .csv file had the right data, but you didn't align the fields okay when remapping them from Windows Mail to Thunderbird, causing the imported address book to be useless. Another possibility is that you exported the address book using the wrong program. Some versions of Windows use the Windows Contacts program instead of the Windows address book. Its a standalone program, not part of Windows Mail. If you have that program trying exporting its contacts as a .csv file and then import it using Tools -> Import -> Address books -> Text Files. If it seems to have the right data but you have problems configuring what fields to use, see Dan's post again.

If that doesn't help, ... ts-folder/ talks about exporting contacts from the Windows Contacts folder as *.vcf files. The MoreFunctionsForAddressBooks add-on for Thunderbird can import them.

Part of the confusion is there have been many versions of "Windows Mail" from Microsoft and they have removed a lot of documentation for the older versions from their web site.

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