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Post Posted February 6th, 2017, 7:39 pm

The only software that I know that does this is Thunderbird and Agent newsreader. There was also something once called Windows Live Mail. That I liked. Is there any thing else?


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As I don't use that feature, I cannot really say, but take a look at here...
> ... ewsreaders
Quite a list.
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I'd describe Forte Agent as primarily a news reader (which can also be a POP email client). My impression is that the few email clients with built-in support for a newsreader tend to neglect that functionality. Thunderbird's support for RSS is bare bones. It doesn't support yEnc for example. See for a workaround.

One possibility is not to add a newsreader account to Thunderbird, but to install an add-on such as ThunderbirdTabs that let you add a button to the toolbar to open a web based news reader such as FeedBucket or Google Groups in a tab.

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