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Thunderbird 52 is nearing the end of the beta process, with many improvements and fixes since version 45 listed below [1]. But we need your help to make it even better.

It is quite stable, so now is a great time for you to give it a good kick for a week or two. We need users to report new issues that are found, especially Add-on problems and Mac issues (see [2]). If you encounter a problem:

- if problem reproduces in safe mode please file a bug report, and clearly state whether the problem happened in a prior version
- if problem does not reproduce in safe mode, please determine which add-on is causing the problem and file a support request (not a review posting) with the author of the add-on
- if you have a support question/issue, post at support and clearly mention the version being used

Note also:
* If you find an addon problem, in addition to informing the author, please add detailed information to the etherpad.
* You can add your name/subscribe to the version 52 meta bug to follow new bugs reports as they are filed against version 52.

Thank you for helping make Thunderbird 52 better!

[1] Changes
* Noteworthy changes since 45 (multiple notes because each beta note is not cumulative): ... easenotes/ ... easenotes/ ... easenotes/ ... easenotes/ ... easenotes/
(there was no beta for 46 and 48)
* Bugzilla query, listing of over 450 changes (excluding build, porting, test, and intermittent issues)

[2] Mac Issues
* Siera introduced some issues that will ever be fixed in version 45, and will only be fixed in version 52. So it is very much in your interest to test 52 and report issues.
* Thunderbird may crash on wake from sleep when using Sierra if you are not updated to 10.12.3
* Many Mac issues have been fixed in the the current beta, mostly related to Sierra, but we suspect there are more. Please be sure to report issues with a bug report.

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