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I have purposely been sent an e-mail with approximately 250 distinct addresses in the "To" section. My desire is to copy or export them into an Excel spreadsheet (or other document and them migrate). Is there a procedure to do this other than "Copy and Paste" the address data one at a time? Certainly hope so. Any suggestions appreciated. Lionlamb


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The extension MoreFunctionsForAddressBook adds options to the right click context menu that might be helpful to you.


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Very useful extension that provides that exact function:
Email Address Crawler

When installed the extension adds a new item to the context menu you get when right-clicking on one or more messages: "Crawl selected message(s) for email addresses". You then get several options of what do with the addresses it finds.

You can also right-click on a folder and it will give you the option of applying it to the entire folder.

See this article in this forum's Knowledge Base if you need help in installing Thunderbird extensions:
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Try using the "Copy Name and Email Address" context menu item.


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