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Post Posted March 18th, 2017, 3:36 am

I would like to backup anything related to the thunderbird (profiles, emails) in a way that restoring back everything after a hard disk failure will be possible.

In my profile.ini file I can see:
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Name=Default User

while inside my thunderbird Local Folders the following path is set: C:\Mail\profile\Mail\Local Folders-1

now my thunderbird folder is located at:

which of the three above highlighted paths I should keep? Are these enough to restore afterwards everything?


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Please ref; >
Heaps of links on what to back-up individually, if required.
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help -> troubleshooting information -> show folder will open your systems file manager ("file explorer" if you are using Windows 10) at your current profile. You can backup the profile by doing something as simple as copying and pasting the directory (and its contents) using your file manager, to a safe location. One reason MozBackup became popular was because it removed the need to know where your profile was stored, and help -> troubleshooting information did not exist back then. However, if you want to regularly backup your profile, save space by making a compressed backup or a incremental backup, or automate backing it up, using backup software is useful.

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