Emoji in the e-mail object through command line

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Hi all,
I've developed an application that launches Thunderbird Composition window when the user wants to send an e-mail.
The composition window is opened through the Windows command line ( and it contains some data passed as command line arguments (recipient, object and subject).
This works fine but now I need to pre-compose email with emoji in the mail object. The problem is that emojis are unicode characters but unicode characters are not supported by the Windows command line. When emojis are included in the command line arguments, the result is strange characters in the e-mail.

Do you know any work-around or solution to this?
I've also thought to write subject and object data in a text file to be used to fill up email fields. This avoid to insert emoji characters in the command line arguments but there is no command supported by Thunderbird that allows this operation.



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Post Posted April 8th, 2017, 9:37 pm

Nope. My impression is that the command line interface is a backwater that the developers will ignore unless something breaks. I know of several smtp utilities that support using .xml files to specify the headers etc. but none that will let you save a copy of the sent message in Thunderbird's profile.

Have you thought of having your application using the SimpleMAPI API to call the default email client (Thunderbird) instead?

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