Frontier ISP trash talking Thunderbird and others

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Recently received this in my e-mail from my ISP Frontier.
Given Yahoo's track record why would they trash talk Thunderbird, Outlook, and others? :(

update: seems to be an in depth discussion on the topic here:

We noticed that you are accessing your Frontier Mail using a lower security sign-in that is sometimes used in third-party mail applications such as Outlook, IncrediMail, MacMail, Mozilla Thunderbird and others. This can leave your Frontier Mail account vulnerable.

Frontier email uses the Yahoo email platform. Yahoo is in the process of moving users using less secure apps to a newer, more secure email access technology. This security technology, known as OAuth, helps prevent unauthorized access to your username and password. With OAuth, your log in credentials are encrypted and better protected from hackers.

We will be rolling out this change beginning May 1st, 2017 through May 31, 2017. You will be impacted at any time during this time period, so we encourage you to take steps outlined here no later than May 1st, 2017.

Access your mail via or with a mail client that supports OAuth
Upgrade your current mail client to a version that supports OAuth
Visit and create an app-specific password

For more information, a list of clients that support OAuth and step-by-step instructions, please see our help page: ... ty-upgrade

Thank you for being a Frontier Mail user.


Frontier Technical Support
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This has been discussed at some length -- viewtopic.php?f=39&t=3024737&p=14717819&hilit=+OAuth#p14717819

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