SIMPLE METHOD: Installing 2nd copy of TB on your other PC

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Hi, :)

SIMPLE METHOD: Installing 2nd copy of TB on your other PC

Been using TB for several yrs, wanted to install TB on my 2nd PC to replace Outlook.

Dispite voluminous instructions found on the forum, and being a busn person rather that a tech person, I said "the hell with it" and went ahead with in old fashion KISS principle. In less than 10 min, I had TB up and running on my other PC: with 1) both email addresses configured, 2) all my emails, sent & recd for both emails, 3) all my address books. I was RTG.

This is what I did:

1) Installed the same ver. of TB, 54.03b 32 bit on the 2nd PC. "Indicated I would configure my self."
2) Used Mozbackup 1.5.2 Beta 1 to backup all the TB files on my orig PC.
3) Copied the Thunderbird 52.0 (en-US) - 2017-03-06.pcv file from my orig PC to a flash drive, inserted drive in the new PC, did a restore.
4) All this in less that 10 min and I was ready to go. That's how software & other tech gadgets should work in 2017.
5) Thank you Mozilla.


3315 :)


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I used to do something similar with SeaMonkey back when I had 2 work computers. Very nice.

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