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Post Posted June 23rd, 2017, 12:36 pm

Oddity I have never encountered previously: My wife's TB was running correctly, until it tried to update to 52.2.1, which brought up an error message to be sure that there was not another copy of TB, and to restart TB. I did that twice, and when it repeated, I figured that there was a failed update.

Next step was to download a new copy of TB, which was done, and to follow that by removing TB. First place to look to do the deletion was Total Install, which presented a puzzling lack of any information about TB. I next looked in Control Panel/Programs and Features, where there was no TB, either, so went to Windows 10 Settings/Apps, and there I found no TB.

Tried to manually delete the TB program folder, which did not work, so decided to see what would happen were I to restart the computer; when that process was done, I tried starting TB, which promptly updated correctly. Finally, figuring that I would find TB listed in the three places I had looked for it earlier, I did so, and, yes, I found that there was one TB, Visible, with Updates for All.

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