Best option for sending large files thru Thunderbird?

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I know there are a good number of options to use with Filelink ( What in your experience is best?
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I don't have any experience using filelink but figured I'd reply as nobody else has after several days. I don't know how accurate the number of users in that collection is as it claims 14,575 users for Dropbox, despite the add-on being broken for over 4 years. All of the well known providers that were initially supported no longer work with recent versions of Thunderbird.

Many of the current choices in that list require you to provide the host yourself or pay for a subscription. I'd avoid mega. There appears to be built-in support for Box in the current version of Thunderbird. Somebody using Linux complained in that its not working but one of the developers replied that it works for them using TB 60 beta on Windows. So I'd go with Box, as it has built-in support . A lot of add-ons are expected to break with Thunderbird version 60 unless they are actively maintained.

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