How to create a CSS theme?

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With Thunderbird 60 beta out now I am looking for good themes and haven't found any. I have been playing with the Developer Toolbox and have been customizing elements to fit my style.

I would like to turn this in to a redistributable theme. The MDN docs are unnecessarily breif, do not discuss Thunderbird at all, and barely discusses anything beyond changing the background image at the top. I want to adjust things like the folder pane background color. This has been easy with CSS, and while I could surely edit my own userChrome.css file, I'd like to share my creation with others. In addition, the MDN docs hint that userChrome.css may not be around forever.

So, how can I create a theme with custom CSS?


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Thunderbird 60.0 supports WebExtensions themes. Its not clear to me that implies support for complete themes, it seems more like yet another version of personas.

I think!forum ... hunderbird would be a better place to ask for help. If you get ignored (give it a couple of days), I suggest you subscribe to tb-planning and ask there. They've been looking for somebody to update the guide for Thunderbird add-on development, as far as I know nobody has volunteered. All of the recent add-on documentation appears to be written for experienced add-on developers, describing incremental changes needed. Totally different audience.

I'd suggest installing a complete theme such as Monterail (Official Monterail theme created in collaboration with Monterail, and discussed numerous times in the tb-planning mailing list) and trying to learn from it, but when I install it with version 60 it disables the lightweight theme and uses the default theme, instead. Perhaps you will have better luck with it. ... monterail/

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