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I have a Dell Inspiron 5759, 16GB memory, way too much HDD and with Windows10 updated. I have the Portable TB updated and now at 52.9.1. Up thru this morning it all worked just fine. I noticed that there was one email which did not download from so I clicked on Get Messages and this time got an error message
[color=#FF0000]"The POP3 mail server ( does not support UIDL or XTND XLST, which are required to implement the ``Leave on Server'', ``Maximum Message Size'' or ``Fetch Headers Only'' options. To download your mail, turn off these options in the Server Settings for your mail server in the Account Settings window."[/color].

Searching Google for this error message I find several places where this message is discussed by TB years ago, but is now closed, so I'm starting a new topic.

I'm on for email and using Portable TB, I store all emails and address book on a thumb drive which I periodically backup to a 2TB external drive.

I do use POP3 and I was directed by support to use that instead of IMAP many years ago for some reason(s) that I no longer remember. I suppose Portable just wouldn't work on IMAP.

I don't think that new emails any longer download to TB??!! In the KB of so many years ago it indicates that this error message occurs when Get Messages is used and mentions nothing about emails not downloading automagically.



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I suppose Portable just wouldn't work on IMAP.

Not so. Thunderbird Portable can handle IMAP as well as POP type accounts.

Close Thunderbird. Log onto that account using a browser and delete the oldest message not yet downloaded to Thunderbird, or move it to a server folder other than the inbox. Launch Thunderbird and see if the issue is resolved.


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POP accounts with Yahoo periodically have that problem. It effects both Thunderbird and Portable Thunderbird. Is Frontier using Yahoo for their email? ... ND_or_XLST .

At one time Mozilla support (not us, the official support site is a different community) tried to discourage Thunderbird users from using Yahoo IMAP accounts at Yahoo's request. However, if you used the IMAP settings from the Yahoo Mobile settings web page it worked well. That is ancient history now, Yahoo IMAP accounts are even supported by the new account wizard. Yahoo IMAP support is much better than their POP support by the way.

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