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I currently use POP3 on a single device. I am considering using IMAP. I only have 2 GB of included storage on my server. There is added cost for additional 10 GB segments. ┬┐How can I tell how much PC storage I am currently using for saved email on my computer and can I assume server space would be about the same?

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For $5 month you can cause your current email address to run through GMail invisibly on the back end and you get 30gb of space as part of the deal.

People you email with will see no change as they will continue to send and receive emails from your current email address. Thunderbird will continue to work exactly as it does now, so after you have it setup you won't see any difference either.

In addition to the 30gb of space you will get Gmail's superior spam filtering also as part of the deal. 30gb will be more than enough for you.

You make this happen by setting up with Google for what they call "GSuite" and then follow the instructions on how to point your email addresses to google's Gmail servers. That's it.

In a world of desktop, cell phone, and tablets all accessing the same email account, IMAP is definitely the way to go.


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You can disable IMAP accounts storing any messages in your profile (offline folders) using the synchronization & storage settings. If you do that all of the accounts messages are stored only on the server. Whenever you open a message it fetches a copy from the server and loads it into memory. It lets you use all of the webmail folders.

A POP account is the opposite, it only knows about the inbox on the mail server. It downloads a copy of new mail in the inbox on the mail server to the inbox folder on your hard disk. Its optional whether you configure it to keep the original message on the mail server. All of the rest of the folders on the POP server (including any child folders of the inbox) are ignored.

An IMAP account will normally use more storage on the mail server than a POP account. However, whether 2GB is enough for you really depends upon how much of a packrat you are, and whether you're willing to periodically archive old mail to a folder in "Local Folders".

Personally. my main account is a IMAP account with a 1GB quota that I've had for 15 years. I only use about 1/3 of the quota because I periodically get rid of mail that I don't think is worth keeping. Nothing wrong with paying for a larger quota and keeping everything, its a question of what works best for you.

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Thank you both for the quick response!

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