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Since Mozilla Mail is taking a new direction, this is a good opportunity for requests :)
I'm no programmer, just giving ideas.
Well, I would urge everybody to take a look at M2, Opera's mail, and it's access points system.
It's far from perfect, and still very buggy, but it has some really interesting features, especially this acces point system, where you can access one email from different places without having to copying it there.
More a database concept than a filesystem concept.
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The Mozilla "View" feature is a first step in this direction. Sorting out Emails from one folder, nice but not perfect. I used M2 for 2 months because of the access points - it was a great idea from Opera. But then the email editor does not really fulfill my needs, it is too simple. So I am back to Mozilla. :D

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I found M2 to be one of the most intriguing things in Opera 7. I might like to see it in Minotaur, but mostly as a curiosity to play with than anything else.
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