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Post Posted April 5th, 2003, 1:42 pm

I installed Minotaur (OS X) and went to used it. It downloaded my email without being asked if I wanted it to do so...bad manners.

I always try to configure something before doing anything with it. I was unable to find anything in the preferences to leave email messages on the server until a certain time had expired or they were deleted. This is pretty important to get people to try a program that is still very beta. I use that configuration on my browsers on several machines in case I need to access my mail from another machine while the primary is tied up or whatever.

I hope that there is something tucked away somewhere other than the preferences (where I have looked, among other places) which can make this configuration or that it is addressed soon.

I could not get "help" to work even though somewhere or other it says that this release is supposed to have a working "help".


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Post Posted April 5th, 2003, 4:14 pm

it is pre-alpha

such settings should be under Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings...

then :

- Server Settings - Leave messages on server etc

Moz may have had a 'delete after' setting (although that was probably OE)
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The setting from Moz is still there :
- Account Name - View settings for this account - Server Settings - Leave Messages on server.

Does anyone else find it disconcerting that the open-source _Mail_ application is one of the
few without a mailing list - the web sux for this sort of stuff - I can't even change my login name
(well I can't be bothered learning how before posting anyway, and not when my mail client already
has all that stuff set up).
AND I have to use IE so's I can have Minotaur open at the same time (which, really, is probably
acceptable (for a pre-alpha) everywhere But the Minotaur forum on mozillaZine).

Anything I can do to help get one going?

Cheers, Kurt.

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