0.3 RC 2 Now Available (Win32, OSX)

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Sipaq wrote:
caratuva wrote:What about Bug 214764??

Stop whining about unfixed bugs. This thread is about recent regressions, which Scott may be not aware of.

Whining about unfixed bugs does not help your cause. In an open-source project like this bugs are fixed, when Scott has time or when a volunteer provides a patch. If you want a bug fixed immediately, fix it yourself, find someone to fix it for you or pay someone to fix it.

That's the way open source works.

Geez that's kinda harsh, don't you think? It's attitudes like that that drive people away from this project.



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userChrome.css wrote:.toolbarbutton-1 {
min-width: 50px !important;

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*happily loads up 92503*


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Think I might bring this up before it misses the release.... used to be nearly instant in getting new messages (NNTP) but now it takes about 10 seconds for every one of 49 subscribed lists.....ugh...

[edit] Actually I think this may be related to the server itself...
Yep, it is, it's fine with


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no_tellin wrote:I use Thunderbird on other platforms (Linux, Win) and *really* want to use it on OS X, but it still seems to have a problem (I'm sure this has been brought up before): If you start the program and close the main window, there's no way to get it back without quitting and restarting. As soon as the main window is closed, the menu changes to a non-functional, looks-like-mozilla menu, eg the "Tools" menu item changes to "Bookmarks" ...

Quite right. I'm currently working on this issue but keep coming across hurdles. It is more difficult to fix than anyihing I've done so far. However, I'm now the closest I've ever been, but now have a new hurdle that I must consult with Scoot on.

no_tellin wrote: Will this get fixed before release? Yeah, I know, quit whining and fix it yourself. Believe me, if I had the time and skill to do it, I would...


Not likely. But I wish. =)

BTW: There are bugs filed for this and one other major item.

Bug 214228 Mozilla menubar reappears when no open windows
Bug 215893 Help / About menuitem needs to be hidden. (currently in review process)

Another issue also known is the lack of a Window menuitem. I'm also looking into that.


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I've gone back to 0.2 after installing 0.3 yesterday. 0.2 working fine, 0.3 didn't. After installing 0.3,I made it the default mail program. But when I clicked on a link that should have opened Thundebird so that I could send an email, I got an error notice saying nothing was responding. I then tried to send a test message and it wouldn't go.

Solved all my problems by going back to 0.2

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yendor wrote:Is junk mail sanatizing meant to prevent any remote images from being displayed ? I always thought this was the case but just noticed that it isn't doing it in rc2 so I am not sure if it is a regression or not.

Same thing happened to me. RC2 seems not to be sanitizing messages automatically marked as junk mail, so images and attachments etc still show up. I'm fairly sure it is a regression, but I'm not sure when from. Does anyone know if there's a bugzilla report for this yet or not? Thanks,


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Hi I've had a problem with keyboard focus just noe:

I hit reply on a post,
copied some text into the email text using the middle mouse button,
and now the keyboard focus had switched away from the mail composition window to the maillist. (mousekeys changed between emails, del deleted emails, everything while the composition window was in front and active.)
After some switching between windows keyboard focus went into the nirvana - as long as message composition was actrive, there was no answer to keyboard events whatsoever.

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 20030925 on Debian/Gnu Linux testing

Kind regards,


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I'm having a problem where when messages are quoted several levels deep, the message is formatted incorrectly. It looks like newlines are inserted randomly, and it looks doublespaced. If you'd like a copy of a sample email, or a screenshot, email me at


Also: A personal thought: I wish that double clicking on a folder did not result in opening a new window. I do that accidentally all the time, and it's very annoying. I know that File/New does a similar thing, so is it really necessary? Otherwise I'm very happy.

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Ok, It seems like I am getting a hang during POP3 e-mail retrieval. This was fixed a while back and I didn't see this for a long time. It seems like the last 2 builds that I tried were also hanging. Tried shutting down one build and using another to continue retrieval. Not sure if this is a regression or a new bug.

P.S. Just worked fine with 0.2 release. :)


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My about box say mOzilla thunderbird false stumbleuponn....
How about a nice and less misterious Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 RC2 ?

Also help/release notes points to the 0.2 release notes.

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Post Posted October 2nd, 2003, 1:56 pm

Anybody knows about a Thunderbird spanish build'


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carlosli wrote:Anybody knows about a Thunderbird spanish build'

Maybe s/he does.

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I've been using Firebird since Phoenix 0.2, but this is the very first time I tried Thunderbird. I just installed this 0.3 RC2 and <b>boy am I glad I did!!!</b> This software is GREAT! Just like Firebird, this is going to remove my need for another proprietary, windows-only application. Sweet! :D

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How close is this to a final release? I am assuming pretty close since its already a release candidate.

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