How to get latest translation for latest comm_central?

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Not sure if this is worth for new topis, but maybe I'll try ;)

I like to use latest comm_central Thunderbird builds. Now it is 35.0a1. Unfortunately from 19th June there are no l10n builds for Windows :( I stucked on 33.0a1. Finally decided to uninstall it and install English 35.0a1 (also switched to x64) and tried to add pl-PL from 33.0a1. It is partially working (eg cannot enter to About window). I digged a little bit and found that translation is still developed, but not compiled because of some TB bug.

I found these stats:

Is there a way to download translation mentioned there as tb_central? Could not find any repository with source code of Thunderbird translations (found only Firefox one).


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The source code can be found here: It contains the strings for mozilla-central and comm-central based applications, e.g. Firefox, Thunderbird or SeaMonkey. Don't know if you can get this strings into your installation without working l10n builds.

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Thanks, Is this up to date repo of translations? I found this also: - still looks more like Firefox l10n,

.xpi are in fact .zip files, so easy to replace its contents, but both repos got different files layout than in .xpi and I must search for correct files.
Replaced two files: aboutDialog.dtd & advanced.dtd (as I got also no advanced options) with these from repo, but dialogs are not fixed. I fixed about dialog by myself, editing file aboutDialog.dtd - i added two lines:

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<!ENTITY update.updateButton.label2 "Uruchom ponownie, by zaktualizowańá">
<!ENTITY update.updateButton2.label "Uruchom ponownie, by zaktualizowańá">

(I had read that there was some name changes, maybe only first one is needed).

Thanks for help, if anybody know how to get latest advanced.dtd or find way how to fix advanced options in translation manually - I would appreciate ;)

Latest version of TB translation (PL) should got only 3 strings missing, so should be not hard to fix this...

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Hello again :) I just come by to say that I'm a super genius :D

The way to get latest translation for Windows is very easy - Mozilla use the same translation method for Windows & Linux, so:
- download Linux latest-comm-central-l10n for my localization
- extract thunderbird-35.0a1.xx.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2
- find omni.ja file & extract it
- open omni.ja file in 7-zip (this is just archive file)
- go to /chrome/xx/locale and latest complete translation is there

xx - Your locale

The best way to pack it into correct .xpi is just download old XPI and replace its contents :) Tested this way - working :D

Also in Linux release there are latest dictionaries and local search plugins :D Just paste to correct path in Windows and everything working :D

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