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This started on my older system running Win7 on 4gb and too much HDD. I run TB Portable with program and mail boxes on a thumb drive. I never open attachments unless it's something I've requested and that has only happened a couple of times in many years. I run AVG updated at least weekly and firewall. This is run only from my home WiFi which is secured. And I don't follow links suggested by web sites or spam. I use MailWasher and filter out most emails.

The problem continues on this newer system running Win10 and 16GB. Still use TB Portable on a thumb drive, AVG and firewall. I run a Full Scan with AVG at least once a week and never disable AVG.

Right now I go out to AddressBook and I see the title bar, then File, Edit, View, etc..... and then the buttons for New Contact, New List, etc... Under New Contact there is nothing. Click on New Contact button does nothing. There are no contacts and no sections.

Can someone tell me what's happening? Over the past few years I've re-downloaded and installed TB and rebuilt my addressbook a few times, but it goes away again.

When I go to About TB, it indicates 9.0.1 but does not indicate a date.

I do have a few backups of the thumb drive on which TB Portable resides and they go back a few years. Where would I find the file containing the addressbook?

Thanks Chris C


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Post Posted June 22nd, 2017, 4:19 am

1. Do you have any extensions installed in Thunderbird? Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?

2. Version 9.0.1 of Thunderbird has been obsolete for two years and the current release version is 52.2.0.

3. Address book data is stored in files with the extension .mab. The primary address book, called Personal Address Book in Thunderbird, exists on the drive as a file named abook.mab.

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