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I'm rather new but SeaMonkey is missing support for a lot of major languages that both Firefox and Thunderbird have.
Unfortunately I can't help translate, and I'm well aware that at this point SeaMonkey is a niche/hobbyist/enthusiast project but I always like to see more support so people in other countries can enjoy the same software I do even if it's only a few people.

Would it be possible to hire a translator to knock out some of the languages with >100 million speakers? I would be willing to donate.

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An interesting idea -- and you're 'putting your money where your mouth is', which shows you mean it!

If all the 'localization translations' are just one (or a few) files, it might be viable to use Google Translate, with just a little 'human supervision', to generate new language versions for SM: From what I've seen, currently Google Translate does translations which are 97% correct, including for technical texts...

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