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Post Posted March 21st, 2023, 4:13 am

So every few months, I buy a piece of SeaMonkey swag. I have a couple mugs (one has a really jacked up logo), an apron, couple t-shirts, tote bag, etc (wish there was pint glasses. With a non-jacked up logo, of course). I always figured this was probably the preferred method of donation due to:

-Advertisement (the mugs and aprons are on public display at the café I run)
-Whatever SeaMonkey's cut is, they get all of it. Rather than Elon Musk grabbing a percentage via Paypal

However, I was looking over the meeting minutes from the past couple months, and the subject of perhaps holding a pledge drive continues to be raised. Which got me questioning if the council would actually prefer straight donations over swag purchases. I mean, either/or is irrelevant to me, as it's not like I need SeaMonkey t-shirts and stickers. As stated, the mugs do serve a function (not as much as pint glasses would)--but also as stated--Zazzle's quality control could use a little more control, so it's not like I'm relying on them. So whatever the method most preferred, and would do the most good, is a-OK with me.

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Sorry for the late reply. I am not familir with the Zazzle shop and how much we get out of it. Reminds me to check with mcsmurf. Was set up way before I started contributing.

If you want to spread the word giving away a mug is great. If you want us the get the whole donation then yes it is very likely we get a much greater percentage of the donated amount this way. Just the paypal fees are substracted. Either way thanks for the donations.



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Post Posted April 26th, 2023, 6:07 am

So straight donation IS preferred?

(sorry, you kind of say both. But I think that's what you mean)

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