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Post Posted July 8th, 2003, 4:02 pm

main differences ???


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Post Posted July 8th, 2003, 7:38 pm

- has email client, IRC, composer, etc.
- some consider it bloated
- some consider it slow
- less themes to choose from

- faster
- lightweight
- browser-only
- lots of cool themes
- soon to *be* Mozilla
- based on a different XUL toolkit
- lots of cool extensions
- I use it so it has to be cool

I can foresee that this is going to be a really long thread. If you want more information on Firebird:

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Post Posted July 9th, 2003, 4:05 am

- acts just like IE in a lot of ways
- some consider it fast
- some consider it lightweight
- has customizable toolbars

- more mature
- everything just works
- comes with a mail program with bayesian spam filtering (>99% accuracy after initial training)
- integrated google search in toolbar
- preferences you _need_ actually have some interface
- better security settings, dom inspector, tabgroups appending, better default theme, helper applications can be changed, ...
- doesn't constrict you or force you to do things in exactly the same way its developers do them
- lots of cool extensions, though you won't need them, as the functionality is already there
- I use it so it has to be cool


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Post Posted July 9th, 2003, 6:12 am

integrated google search in toolbar

Firebird has that too. Right-click toolbar->Customize. I think it also comes as the default setup too.

Oh, more things (for Firebird):
- customizable toolbars to suit yourself
- cooler Preferences menu with things that an average user needs accessible in a nice interface
- most things you want in Mozilla can be easily added to Firebird in the form of extensions (TBE also works in Firebird, Style Sheet selector, etc; more complete listing:
- you can actually *have* the Mozilla theme on Firebird (download them from

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Post Posted July 9th, 2003, 6:15 am

- browser only -> inherently lighter
- version 0.6, this is pre-alpha; however very very stable
- feastures not available in Mozilla Suite :
- customizable toolbars
- some bookmarks management available by right clicking on the menus and toolbar

- suite of internet applications -> inherently a little fat (I still don't get the "Mozilla is fat" sentence)
- version 1.4; so very very stable

Since this is version 0.6 I don't find it fair to compare it to Mozilla or any other browser. Things are to come and go, and there's a long way to go 'till Mozilla Browser 1.0


Post Posted July 9th, 2003, 6:21 am

Mozilla's development time is longer than FB's.

i think needs their own OS rather than another browser.

mozilla 1.5a-win98se-p166-32MB-2GB.

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