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A major speed issue with Mozilla is the fact that it's a suite. I would think that separating the various clients in Moz(browser/composer etc) willl make each one of them load up a little faster. I like the idea of phoenix because it is a separate client. If there is a mail client evetually, it can be integrated, but still kept separate. kinda like IE and OE maybe.

Is there a reason (Netscape guidelines) that is forcing Mozilla to adopt the all-in-one client strategy?

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Phoenix is a great browser, and I understand that they are working on a mail program to go along with it, _but_ I would not like to have Mozilla split up that way. I don't start and stop Mozilla enough to worry about 5 seconds of time on each startup. I like not having several programs open to do the things that Mozilla does by itself. MrEd

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