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Firstly, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who make this software possible! I use Firefox as my browser and SeaMonkey as my business email client.

I have just one suggestion for the junk mail filter. Scam artists are getting crafty. They have a way to make incoming mail they send appear to be sent to you from your own email address. Actually, they have been doing this for years. My junk mail filter is not picking it up as junk because it appears to come from me in the "From" field. So in addition to that, I certainly do not want to mark it as junk, or any links I send to myself for the purpose of viewing later will also end up in the junk folder.

My question/suggestion/advice, however you want to take it, would be is there no way to force the junk filter to pick up the information below the bogus return path in the information from the headers, instead of from the "From field"? When I expand headers for incoming mail, it clearly shows me the actual path the email was sent from. Example: X-Sender-Info: <>

The example in the paragraph above is the actual address that was used to send the most recent junk mail to me, but they made it appear to come to me from my own email account.

I thought I'd just mention this and offer up this challenge to anyone who might have the time and the will to look into this. Maybe it can't be done, but in the world of technology today, I don't think there is anything that simply cannot be done!

Thanks so much for listening.

Keep up the great work!

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I think it is not so easy to resolve. In your example this Mail host is 1&1, a hosting company from Germany, so if you block this host, all Mails form this Provider will be marked as spam.

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I have taken to reporting those to an anti-spam organization to get those spammers shut down. It works. I get no more of those for a few months.

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