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Post Posted August 22nd, 2016, 9:55 am

New Profile Runs Like Crap


seamonkey 2.40, win7 x64

so i created a "new" profile
actually yes
intention was to start fresh - but - to copy wanted data from an existing profile back into it

but then i bastardized it - kind of

new profile (yes)

went through my wanted extensions,
checked for updates or whatnot,
installed wanted extensions,
tested to make sure they were working
all working

made very minor Pref changes,
browser load tabs on demand, an extension Pref change to my liking, minimal,
all working

copied over existing user.js, & /chrome/ files, minimal.
all working

then - the good stuff,
copied over existing places.sqlite & sessionstore.json

/note: restoring from sessionstore.json, on a browser load would be using ~2 GB of RAM,
this is known & expected/

& then the fun started...

open browser,
check mem usage, two "types" (are listed in Win7, "types" escape me... anyhow),
2.1 GB and 2.9 GB, whoa there, whats going on?
~2 i'm expecting, the .9 i was not,
typically the two numbers are close, so 2.1 2.1 would be expected,
(at ~2.9 GB in a 32-bit browser, you're pushing it...)

and the browser is running like utter crap,
all websites, everything i do

the same sites, actions, in my Profile prior to "new" Profile,
ran just as i'd expect,
but this "new" Profile was virtually unusable

so i check prefs.js between the old & new,
one set of prefs that stood out was gfx.*,
there are 1,001 gfx.* Prefs & how they all play together, or not, is anyone's guess,
so i just looked at it as, "there are differences" between old & new,
with that, i'm thinking i'll disable hardware acceleration,
so i set, layers.acceleration.disabled;true,
& restart

runs better, still not seeming quite right, but certainly better

no clue, no clue why my "new" Profile should run so badly?

so then B, mentions Intel driver updates, & points to a link,
in general i'm fine with updates, but i've always found the Intel ones particularly confusing to decipher just what is needed,
& they also have this "tool" that tells you the updates you need,
& i've always been adverse to "tools" telling me, figuring i should be able to determine on my own what i need,
& as i've always had problems in that respect on the Intel end, i've been adverse to updating...
anyhow, i download & install their tool, & it reports two drivers,
why two - seemingly for the same thing, why didn't it select the /one/ i supposedly need & just present me with that,
anyhow, i pick the one that did seem the newer & install it, reboot required,

installed, & reboot, & desktop comes up & computer seems to be OK

back to seamonkey,
figure i'll turn hardware acceleration back on - before opening the browser,
so i change prefs.js, layers.acceleration.disabled;false,

open the brower,
& it runs just like in my old profile, just as i'd expect


what was it,
the Intel driver update,
or simply the fact that /something/, over time, was "irregular" - OS-wise,
that turned out to be negatively affecting this "new" profile i'd created

don't know,
but i'm thinking the latter?

just saying...
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