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Recently I asked a question about trying to recover a slew of emails that were deleted by some *diot at MS and who had deleted also all my apps.
A second tech support was able to at least get the apps recovered. And it was only afterwards when I tried to see my emails I discovered their disappearance. :(

Fortunately in the process of changing from one ISP to another I had saved the 4 profiles we have had and now I am trying to find out how I can insert one of those four profiles - mine in particular as a guinea pig - into my present SM v2.48 to get at the emails to the date where the loss occurred.

I did get some useful instructions - for which I am very grateful - but I did not understand them since I am using Windows 10 and can't return to windows 7 as was suggested. I did get additional info but I didn't understand where to access the specific place to enter the location mentioned.

So at this point if the person who offered help initially can provide a "by-the-numbers" set of instructions that would be phenomenal!!
Thank you very much


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There should be no difference in locations between Windows 7 and Windows 10 as Thunderbird's profile location did not change during the time those two versions were in use. See if this article is helpful --

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