Bookmarks fix for copy/paste bug #1299352

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Post Posted February 17th, 2018, 1:48 am

@frg, continue from SeaMonkey 2.49.2 is out! blog post:

The Bookmarks Manager bug will likely not be fixed in any 2.49.x release. The places api changed too much. I took a sledgehammer and ported the Firefox Library for 2.53+. See Bug 1378089. I can provide a test 2.53 but be aware that this one does not contain all backported 2.49.2 security fixes.

Where can I get the mentioned test?
Should I report my findings here or elsewhere?


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I just sent you a link.

For the new bookmark api you can also set browser.places.useAsyncTransactions to true. This uses a complete different codepath now default in current Fx and future SeaMonkey releases.

Current 2.53 bugs are tracked in

If you find a problem outside of the Bookmarks Manager open a bug.

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