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Post Posted August 11th, 2018, 6:54 pm

mightyglydd wrote:
Frank Lion wrote:You do have to have fonts set to 'Allow websites/documents to use other fonts' though

@Google news is a disaster, seldom visit there anymore but we were doing a little research into who's burying the Lusty Leslie story, of course Google is.
The main problem is when clicking say LOCAL on the left, a blue L/R ''loading bar ?' appears across the top, AFAIR sometimes the 'bad script' warning comes up too, then the page usually goes 'misty' and freezes.

Troubleshooting's likely a PITA, every time I've been there something's changed.. for the worse.. a moving target.....Ayhoo over the weekend I'll see if .3 is the same.


Agree. Google news is a real PITA... I suppose they are deliberately making their site hard to load in anything but Chrome.
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mightyglydd wrote:FWIW I updated to 2.49.4, (Win 7 pro 64bit) even in safe mode, navigating Google 'News' is sluggish at best and often freezes SM.
Anyone else seeing this?

Yeah.. You can't trust Google for news in the first place. They got busted doctoring news results for Hillary and the DNC last election. Switch to where ever possible.

ON that note, DuckDuckGo is currently putting together a trustworthy news source thing to replace Google's News search function. I just stumbled in to it the other day. It was refreshing to see some unbiased news results for a change, but give it a shot and see for yourself. :)


The reason I'm posting in this thread.. I THOUGHT that 2.49.3 was the final final last version that would support FireFTP and the other extensions that Firefox broke. I left Firefox because of the built in adware, and I left PaleMoon to keep my favorite extensions.

Sooo.. Is 2.49.4 simply a security update, or will it break my extensions?


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Post Posted August 16th, 2018, 5:25 pm

Mainly a security update.
Extensions should be fine.

That said, backup first.
(SeaMonkey 2.49.4 does not support "webextensions".)
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Post Posted August 18th, 2018, 3:38 am

therube wrote:Extensions should be fine.

Yep, everything appears to work as expected. :)

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