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My default profile got messed up (not sure how it happened, have been running moz for roughly a year without any problems, apart from 'orrible font rendering on Linux but that's alot better now) and now my mail and settings can't be started. What happens is that when you try to open mozilla it spends about two minutes just loading (in the task bar), fails but somehow stays running?!?! When I try again it asks me to create or choose a profile.

So I created a new one, but have some important emails in the default one, which I'd like to import. How can I do this? I don't care about bookmarks or email addresses, I've got them, just the mail. Any ideas?

Running 1.2b on Linux.


p.s. it might have got messed up because I opened mozilla when Linux was still loading some of the proggies from last session. I need to learn to be more patient...


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Look at the MOzilla 1.0 FAQ.

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