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I have developed some add-ons for personal use on my mozilla for windows. I recently got an iMac and wanted to see if I could do what I did for my windows mozilla on it. I haven't found much hints about how to develop with mozilla on a mac. I am using mac os x and I can not find anything. I see a userChrome.css but I don't see a chrome folder, installed-chrome.txt, install.log, etc. Does anyone know where all the files are or where a good source is to give you hints on developing on the mac.? I also was looking into installing an xpi on the mac and there doesn't seem to be much about this either, is this done the same way as on windows? Thanks for any help you can offer...


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I don't know if this is exactly what you want to know but:

right click on Mozilla icon (in the Mozilla folder, in Applications) and view package.


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This is exactly what I needed, thanks a bunch!!!


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I bought a PowerMac g4 too recently. I am a windows guy, but OS X looked too damn tempting and all those apple ads suckered me in. Ended up spending 3300Gs. Too much bling bling if you ask me...should have settled for an iMac. But I dont regret it that much.

Anyways, I would think that Mozilla functions pretty much the same way on a mac. Installing XPI's should be the same. I can download and install extensions and themes just like on a PC....and yeah, like DigitalGimpus said, u right click and "view package contents" to see all the stuff. I wish WinRAR was available for Macs. I use that to open up the jars. But you could use stuffit for it...just rename the .jar to .zip.

You might want to check out this Mac only Mozilla skin. Its called pinstripe...its supposed to be a closer mac interface emulation that the classic theme. I think the address is . I kinda liked it.

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