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I am new (obviously) and my problem is I get no sound when I play games on . The applets loads no problem. The problem is the sound . This what I tried so far to get the sound working ,

Copying the the entire contents of Netscape's plug-in folder to Mozilla's.

Deleting the plug-in folder in Mozilla and replacing it with Netscape's.

Changed the default option in Java control to JRE 1.4.1

I have no problem with the sound when I use Navigator 4.79. I did "About plug ins" and it shows
that ever thing is enabled.

Please help going out mind

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Well here's what I found with Mozilla 1.1 / win2k:

1) In signing up, it wouldn't take my login name pepp5, saying it was already used, but entering that for the "email me my forgotten password" page returned a message saying there is no user by that name in their system. So peppfive it is...

2) The game TubeRunner played sounds, but I couldn't see "my man" or whatever it is I'm supposed to manipulate. Some surrounding graphics displayed, but I couldn't see the thing that I'm supposed to move around.

3) TankHunter worked great, sounds and all. You might try hitting the S key a few times to see if sounds are turned off and on, and see if that kicks the sound on for you?

4) The link at the bottom of each game page, , does that eternal page-flashing thing I've seen before on some sites with Mozilla. Works fine in IE 6.

- pepp

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