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My first posting here, so hopefully I am not repeating something that has been mentioned
many times before.

As you may know already, you cannot search in the message body of messages, which have
been PGP encrypted, using the otherwise absolutely excellent Enigmail plugin.

I'm not a Mozilla developer, but it appears as if this is more of an issue of the mail-client,
such as Thunderbird, rather than the Enigmail plugin. There is a bug filed with Enigmail,
but I believe that's the wrong place and it should be filed with Thunderbird instead. After
all, it appears as if it is possible for certain plugins to register themselves in a way that
Thunderbird can call them when it is time to access a message for display or to send a
message. I would imagine that Enigmail does this kind of registration.

Therefore, should it not be possible for Thunderbird to consult this same list of registered
plugins in order to see whether it should call any one of them when it comes to searching
the messages? The passphrase is obviously cached in Enigmail (or the PGP module) and
thus this should not be an issue.

Has this been filed as a bug for Thudnerbird? Is anyone working on this?



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