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Hi all,

I need to send e-mails with 'voting buttons' to help with a quicker reply and then analysis of the reply.

Can Thunderbird 2 do this, and if so, 'how' :?

Rod Whiteley

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Thunderbird does not provide any easy way to do it. People who receive voting buttons can only use them by disabling their privacy protection. The buttons only work if you have a server running to receive the votes, and if voters are online when they vote. But if the people who will be voting do not care about their privacy and are always online, and you have a suitable server, then you can use Thunderbird 2 to send the buttons. It is usually better to ask voters to vote on a web page, and use e-mail to send a link to the page.


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"Outlook installed with the Corporate Workgroup/Other option can be used to vote (and process votes). Outlook uses extended MAPI calls to Exchange servers in the same workgroup to do that. Thunderbird can't do that since its basically limited to what HTML provides. "

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