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Does Thunderbird have a way to add on an exclusion dictionary?  An exclusion dictionary is a useful feature in Outlook, because it flags certain words as suspect.  For instance (this example comes from Microsoft), if a user intends to type "public library" but accidentally types "pubic library," then the spell-check won't notice, because pubic is a valid word.  But if the user has an exclusion dictionary, then he/she can add pubic to it and the word will get noticed every time, at which point the user can make the conscious decision to allow it or change it.  Another example:  if a user's employer or organization has a style manual that prefers theater over theatre or vice versa, even though both spellings are acceptable in the spell-check dictionary, then the user can add the less-preferred spelling to the exclusion dictionary.

Although I prefer to use Thunderbird at home, there are certain features of Outlook that I use at work that I would like to see in Thunderbird, and this is one.  Maybe it's already there and I just overlooked it.

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No, but you can remove words from the spelling checker's dictionary. Go to your Thunderbird profile, then to the extensions directory there. Look for whichever dictionary extension you are using. Inside it go to the dictionaries directory and edit the .dic file with a text editor. Thunderbird ignores the word count in the top line, so you do not need to adjust it.

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