Thunderbird send later and save drafts not working (Mac)

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My thunderbird send later and saving drafts worked perfectly before I switched to a gmail IMAP account for my domain. I just noticed that when I try to send now or save a draft, it tries to attach my signature forever until I have to hit cancel to stop it. It just says attaching, attaching over and over. I never had this problem until now. Can someone please help? I need to get my business email back to working OK. I really need to be able to use the send later feature as it has been a godsend and of course I also need to be able to save drafts.


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* Which version of Thunderbird? Check Help>About for the version number.
* Are you attaching a plain text or HTML signature file to the outgoing messages?
* What is the exact wording of the error message (if any) that you are receiving?
* Without divulging your e-mail address or account name, what are your server settings, including server name, port number, and choices for "Connection security" and "Authentication method" under Tools>Account Settings>Outgoing Server (SMTP) (at the bottom of the list of accounts on the left)>*server*>Edit?


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howdy sneakerpimp,

in addition to what DanRaisch asked, where is your gmail account configured to store drafts? that is at ...
- tools/account-settings/[account-name]/copies-&-folders/
- drafts-&-templates
- keep message drafts in ...

take care,

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Usually not working of SendLater is fixed by updating the add-on, in add-ons click check for updates, and then pick sendLater to update


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Locking this relic.

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