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Post Posted August 9th, 2015, 6:13 pm

When Thunderbird concludes a search and displays the Search Messages screen, it has two open panes: the top one shows the search criteria and the bottom one shows all of the emails that meet the search criteria. It would be a great if Thunderbird added a third pane that would preview each email as it was selected.

There was an extension written by Old Ausdilecce that did this. The extension was available from but not anymore.

Some of these had been bumped here ... 73&hl=bump but this also is not available any more.

I did a search for similar extensions and it seems that most are using the "save as folder" function. While this works, it is a slow and clumsy way (2 extra steps, 3 if you include deleting the folder), especially if all you want is just one message that has something you know you read and just want to read again exactly what the author was talking about. I do this kind of search often.

PreviewInSearch.xpi is exactly what I'm wanting. I did find the original file here ... Search.xpi if anyone is willing to update it.


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I think you are using global search. I can double click on the search results from edit -> find -> search messages and have it open the message in a separate window. If I use the quick filter bar I can do the same thing. If you're configured to read messages using the message preview pane (rather than in a tab or window) just selecting it lets you read it normally.

I don't know why improving the user interface for global search has been ignored for so many years.

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