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Post Posted September 2nd, 2015, 2:15 pm

Generally, when I go away for some time, I set my Pop account to retain messages for a longer period like 60 days or something, and then set it back to a 7 days or so when I return. Unfortunately, in T'bird, this last time I also unchecked the Local Folders retention box, triggering automatic message aging. No problem, sez I - I have two backups. Unfortunately, between the two backups, both were out of date, so I've lost a bit of e-mail from my local folders.

This brings me to my request - when one triggers message aging after previously having Local Folders set to "Never delete any messages", would it be possible to but a pop-up box in to say "Are you sure you really want to do this? You're going to delete all the messages in your local folders, you know."

One mouse-click late at night after 24 hours of travel time, and I set myself up for a week of frustrating work. Perhaps this will help someone else avoid the same thing.


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Post Posted September 2nd, 2015, 2:53 pm

Not sure why you are even changing the retention on the Local Folders "account?" Do you leave Thunderbird running with messages being filtered into Local Folders?

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I use my desktop as my main repository for my e-mail and my work documents. I've left the message retention at 14 days - when I lengthen it beyond 30 days (which I do when we go away), my ISP eventually starts sending polite messages, not to mention making it a bit more onerous to work in webmail the occasional time I need to. I have an additional account set up on my tablet and on my wife's laptop so we can address issues while we're away, and I simply cc all my replies to my own account so I have a record. When I return, my desktop can still pull down all the messages from the previous two months. Then I reset the message retention to 14 days. Only, I screwed it up this time with a single mouse-click.

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