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Im looking for a addon that will close up IMAP folder trees either with a button or auto on TB restart

I have a Local IMAP server acting like as a shared network archiving of business emails.
The directory tree gets quiet long at times and it takes ages to close it up manually. Ditto on IMAP refreshing folders

However. employees are lazy sometimes and wont close up the folders on their computers, then moan that the IMAP isn't refreshing or a email isn't there.

Im looking for a way, either via a toolbar button and/or when restarting. to force TB to close up all the tree folders.

That way when employee navigate to the folder it will refresh from the server on demand.

I am willing to make a addon if one doesn't exist, but a complete noob in this area....



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I'm not aware of an add-on to do that. How deep a folder tree is shouldn't have much effect on how long it takes to close those folders by closing the topmost folder in that tree. I'd have to do some experimenting to find out if expanding a tree issues a IMAP SELECT command for each of those folders. I suspect it just opens them in the folder pane, it does not actually "open" each folder and check for new mail. That is consistent with your statement "That way when employee navigate to the folder it will refresh from the server on demand."

Rather than expanding a folder tree and selecting each folder in turn to check for new mail I suggest you just check the checkbox for "when getting new messages for this account, always check this folder" in the folder properties in the folder pane and rely upon the IMAP IDLE command to automatically notify you of new mail in those folders. That should work unless you are using a IMAP server that doesn't support IDLE or lies about it. That seems to be rare nowadays. ... il-protoco

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