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Billhart wrote:Is there a method in TB ( or an add on that I launch a email in the browser (FF in my case).

I get lots of email that have numbers links in them. I would like to view the email and the link(s) in tabs on one browser. If I click on the links each one opens in a new browser and I am jumping between the different copies of the browser and the email.

Some of the emails have a "if you can read" link which points to the same information on a web page. For those all I have to do it to click on that and Iget the whole think in the browser and from there open the links in tabs.

But other of the emails don't have that.

I'd like to re-open this old thread by adding to it. Previous "solutions" were missing his point completely.

I just converted to Thunderbird (and love it). But one feature of my old email client (POCO Mail) did exactly what Brillhart was asking about -- that is, how to view the whole email in a browser (not just individual links - that's not the issue). This is increasingly important since TB (View settings are VIEW>Message Body>Original HTML) displays almost all most HTML quite well. However, emails increasingly have some of the more contemporary HTML formatting tricks in it which TB (or many email clients) can't always view correctly. Sophisticated email writers recognize this because as Brillhart said, there is often a "Click here to view in browser" supplied in the email. This will then let you see the email in all its HTML glory. But absent that Link form the sender, there's no way we can figure out to "View message in browser" in TB.

With my old POCO email client, all I had to do was right click anywhere in the body and you got a drop down to "View this message in a browser". Perfect solution. And POCO is older than dirt. Using that right click solution quickly and properly displayed the email in my browser (the latest Firefox, of course).

But Brillhart and I see no way to do that in TB. Yes, there are apparently addins to view individual links in an add-on abbreviated browser (instead of your native regular browsser). But that's not a solution to viewing the entire email in your native browser.

Any ideas?
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I don't know of an add-on to do what you want. What you describe as "more contemporary HTML formatting tricks" I'd interpret as meaning non-standard. You could always use the file menu to save the message as a HTML file and double click on it using windows explorer (to view it using your systems default browser).

I normally only run into that type of problem when somebody uses Word to create the message body and doesn't think about the possibility that some recipients aren't using Outlook. You can avoid this problem by having the sender save the HTML file as filtered HTML in Microsoft Word. This removes the proprietary tags used by Microsoft Office programs. There are also programs you can run to strip those tags if you export the message.

"Using that right click solution quickly and properly displayed the email in my browser (the latest Firefox, of course). "
Thunderbird uses the Gecko layout engine, which Firefox also uses. Thunderbird 38 appears to use the same version of Gecko as Firefox 41 (based on the gecko.mstone setting).


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I just tested with Thunderbird 38.3.0 and Firefox 41.0.2 on Mac OS X El Capitan. The behavior I noted is that clicking on the View in browser link in the e-mail message opened a page on the sender's Web site. It did not translate the HTML code within the message and open a local file in Firefox.

I am not aware of any View in browser links within e-mail that try to do what you suggest. An example would be welcome.
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Use Web mail?
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