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I am wondering if there is any way I can add additional address fields to the address book.
Ie. I want to be able to have address for:
The Postal address. Some postal address are different to the physical address. ie the post box in a different suburb.
The Office physical address
A Delivery address
A Secondary Work address
And also keep the Private address.

There are also some other fields I would like to add but I think I can use the custom fields for these provided I can change the custom field name.

Is there a way to add additional phone number fields or change the existing field names?

Can Thunderbird's address book be used with Libre Office such that the addresses can be inserted in letters and other documents?

In its present form the Thunderbird address book is a bit too restrictive for what I want to use it for. I do not want a full blown Contact Manager as this is too over the top and unless its address book integrates with Thunderbird and Libre Office it is a waste of time and duplication.

the current address book is too restrictive for I want to do.

Be interested in comments and any ideas as to perhaps how I can implement the above


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The extension MoreFunctionsForAddressBook adds some additional fields. Not sure if it adds enough for your purposes but it might be worth installing it to try it out.

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