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Have scoured this forum and the web and come up empty...
Does Thunderbird have an automation interface?
Scenario: From within a Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, FoxPro application, etc.
create a new T-Bird message. Stuff the To, CC, BCC, Subject, Text properties.
Tell T-Bird to send the message.

My interim solution is to use my ISP's SMTP interface, create the email w/ me as BCC.
When I receive it, move it to 'Sent items' folder. That's OK for one or two messages but becomes a hassle if I'm sending more than a couple emails.


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Thunderbird supports the SimpleMAPI API which is a generic interface under Windows to let applications such as Word, Excel etc. send or read a message using the default email client, without knowing anything about who the default email client is.

Microsoft started discouraging its use around 2009 (they'd prefer you to use the full MAPI API or its replacement - Exchange Web Services (EWS)) but I'd expect it to be supported as long as they support Win32 applications. Win32 (and Win64) was their core API before Windows 8, where they introduced the WinRT API in order to develop "Metro style" applications. With Windows 10 they are pushing a superset of WinRT in order to develop "universal" applications but they still have legacy support for older APIs. ... 85%29.aspx

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