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Is there a developer for hire on this forum to write a Thunderbird Addon? I have have a feature request, and I don't mind backing with pay.

I have begun using Thunderbird's Filelink functionality to link large attachments. I am currently using it with the Owncloud Filelink Addon.

I would like an addon to provide:

1. The ability to automatically link large attachments on existing emails. This would use the current settings and provider setup for Filelink. I envision a Link button next to the option to Save; similar to the way the AttachmentExtractor Addon displays a SaveAll button. Provide the ability to rename the attachment before uploading through Filelink.

2. The ability to search all messages in selected folders and apply Filelink to all attachments that meet the current Filelink settings. Provide the ability to automatically rename the attachment pre-appending the Folder name_.

My desire for the addon is not for proof-of concept, or even the altruistic idea of contributing to Thunderbird, but simply to increase my own productivity. I will happily gift the addon back to the Mozilla community for anyone else to use.

I know one response that is often suggested with feature requests is that I should dig-in and develop it myself. I applaud such, and have spent many man-hours on projects just to see if I can make it work. In this case, my time is limited. Since I can't contribute my time, I want to pay someone to contribute their time.

I'm new to this forum, if my post is inappropriate for this forum, I apologize in advance.



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I suggest you contact the author of an existing add-on that does something with attachments such as AttachExtraTools, AttachmentExtractor or Filelink and see if they would be interested in adding the feature you want to one of their existing add-ons, in return for a agreed upon donation.

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