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I use Thunderbird for work and I have over 1500 contacts in my address book. 2 things that I would like to see is:

1> The search needs to look for any instance of "xx" instead of only in the name or email fields. I sometimes forget the person I need and know that they are from a certain company but the company name may not be part of the email address. So it would be nice to have the search also look at company/organization or even a notes area. The notes area comes in handy for example, I'm looking for a contact that deals with electric motors, so you search 'electric motors' and if I'm smart enough when I added the contact, I added electric motors in the notes field; the search would then return all contacts that have electric motors in the name, notes, or email.

2> There needs to be a way to duplicate contacts. I want to add another contact from an existing company; I would like to take an existing one and duplicte the contact card and just change the persons name and e-mail. All the street address and business name, busniness phone numbers would already be there. Having to type them every time is a pain.
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1. If you click on the down arrow at the left end of the search field in the address book window you can select which fields will be searched for the entered value.

2. You may find that this extension will be helpful --

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