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What I am trying to do is force all my emails from multiple email accounts into one email account and then filter. Basically I have multiple email accounts and I am duplicating my filters across all of my accounts. What I would like to do is to have all my email accounts forward mail to ONE email account, then process the filters only on that one email account. My question is this, is there anything in the Thunderbird arena that will allow you to combine multiple filters into one <msgFilterRules.dat> filter? Currently I have about 500+ filters across 5 email accounts and there are a lot of duplicate filters. This sure would make life easier


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If you are using POP accounts you could simplify things by configuring each to use a global inbox. That would hide their folders, use the folders in "Local Folders" instead, and let you use the message filters for the Local Folders pseudo account for mail from all of those accounts. You could reuse the message filters from one of your accounts by moving the "msgFilterRules.dat" file in that accounts local directory to the Local Folders local directory.

If you decide to do that move any mail you want to keep to Local Folders first because you won't be able to see it anymore after the accounts folders get hidden due to the global inbox. See

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