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Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to get the Linux Desktop Search Tool to also search Thunderbird emails?

I've recently upgraded my OS to Kubuntu 15.1 from 14.04 and while I'm impressed with the Plasma Search facility, which I think uses KDE's Baloo, I can't find an option anywhere to be able to search Thunderbird emails.

Does this exist, does anyone know?

I previously had this facility via Recoll, which is my fall back. But I'd rather use the official search tool if possible.



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Thunderbird by default stores all of the messages for a folder in a text file named after the folder, with no file extension, using the mbox format. For example, all of the messages for a inbox folder are stored in "inbox." . "inbox.msf" doesn't have any messages. Its a so called index file, perhaps better thought of as just a cache of the folder listing. "inbox.sbd" is just a renamed directory used to help organize the mbox files into a folder hierarchy.

If your distro's desktop search engine doesn't understand mbox files perhaps you could find a backend plug-in to add support for that. states a "search store" plug-in has been implemented for "e-mail search".

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