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When I updated to Windows 10 (or should I say Microsoft decided), when TB tags an email as junk, it leaves the email in the incoming folder. TB used to move them automatically into the Junk folder. How can I get the old way to continue. Right now I have to go through my email and click two times on the junk indicator, once to clear it, and once to make it junk. Twice the work, and sometimes I miss and click on Junk for a good email, looseing a good email.
Thanks for your help.


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Double check the settings of Thunderbird's Junk Mail Controls. Make sure the target for Junk messages is still valid.

Also, backup your profile --
Close Thunderbird and navigate to your Profile Folder ( ). Find the files with the extension msf, such as Inbox.msf. Note that there will be sets of two files with the name but only one of these will have the MSF extension. Delete the files with the MSF extension. Restart Thunderbird, compact all folders, and see if things are back to normal. Note that the MSF files do NOT contain your messages. They are, for lack of a better term, an index file and will be recreated by Thunderbird as required.

If this procedure provides no improvement, see this link -- ... upt_folder

Also see this URL - ... derbird%29

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