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do someone know, how to achieve a multiple inbox view in thunderbird, much like with the gmail labs feature
This means, viewing 2 (or more) folders (the message lists) (e.g. an inbox folder and a saved search folder) at the same time in separate views.
So to be able to view all messages that match a given search stacked above the default inbox view.

If it is not achievable with thunderbird built-in features, does there exist an add-on, that may provide this functionality?


PS: ghinzdra asked a similar question already here -, but I think his question remained unanswered.


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Have you tried Thunderbird's Global Search functionality? It may not be identical to what you seek but may serve the purpose.

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Thanks for your suggestion, DanRaisch.
Although, the Global Search is indeed a nice feature, you're right, it's not exactly what I search for.
For me, personally, it's quite important, to have my "todo"-tagged mails *always* visible. And at the same time, the normal inbox.
Would be a very helpful feature/add-on.

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There still is the "Unified View" that would achieve fairly much what you want to do.
See :

What it does? It displays all your "Inbox" together, classified by date received (for example). For more information, select the columns you display to also see the account and the label you give to your emails.

– If you already classify your mail in multiple folders, the unified view can be very confusing.
– I'm one of those who prefer separate accounts. Therefore I don't use the Unified view.
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