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Hi guys -

Total newbie here, so please excuse any faux pas.

I'm lucky enough to be a work-at-home contractor, so I get to choose what software I run on my PC and have been enjoying the delights of Thunderbird and Lightning.

One thing gets me though - I'm a HUGE user of email tags - very handy. But it does become a chore having to individually tag every email that arrives.

Thunderbird is smart enough to be able to group emails into threads - is there a way to get it to also assign the tags of the previous emails in the thread, to the new email? Or maybe a button to say "use the same tags as the previous email in this thread".

It's a real grind when the emails are flooding in, and the mails in the thread have around six different tags. And of course, the tag drop-down disappears each time you select a tag - so it's not as if you can select around six tags in one go, and "assign all these please". It has to be done one at a time, unless I'm missing something.

If there's something out there that would make life easier in this respect, I'd be glad to know about it.




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I'm not aware of anything to do that. I suspect its because most people assign only a few tags to most messages. I suggest you think about whether a Notes add-on such as Xnotes++ could be used to reduce the granularity of your tags.

One possible workaround would have been to create several messages filters, each of which assigns a different group of tags (such as the 6 you mentioned). You could then select all of the messages in a conversation and run the appropriate filter. Unfortunately, the message filter GUI is designed to apply a filter to all of the messages in the selected folder, not to the selected messages. You could create a virtual folder for each conversation (see for how to do that) but that is probably unpractical if you have more than a handful of conversations.

The best add-on to add features to the message filters is ... src=search , but it doesn't appear to support that. It does add support for "Tag of Thread Head" and "Tag of Thread Message". Perhaps you could create a filter to assign the tags assigned to the message at the start of a conversation to all of the messages in that thread. if you did that, it wouldn't matter that the GUI wants to run the filter against all of the messages in the folder, it would only effect those in that conversation. The big downside is you would probably have to create a separate filter for each conversation. See the search terms section of for more information.

Take a look at the functionality of the Thunderbird Conversations add-on to see if it makes things easier. If it doesn't consider contacting the author of the add-on to see if you can interest him in adding functionality to solve your problem as another "bonus feature".

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