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I've read the pinned first post, so if anyone might want the following, you may want to contact the development team (by popularity or someone making a case). That also goes for the 'pure text signature³' idea I posted earlier. Not just for 'jpeg's and 'pngs'.. and html tables..

First I looked at a add-on that would replace the PrtScr and Ctrl+V for an inline image, but haven't found one (as yet).

I'm looking for a button prominent on Thunderbird's button bar, that when pressed, Thunderbird minimizes, and a section of the screen can be selected, live, not from a PrtScr clipboard (with a window with handles, dimming the outside), and then presented with a quality slider (jpeg), or if it detects a Mondrian (ie. not a photo nor gradients), to suggest png, so that any logic user can safely add pictures that are meant for internet viewing and not for printing (I like the 5MB setting before suggesting Dropbox e.a.) Computer illiterates are often logical people, and we might save bandwidth with this one.

OK, I think that's basically it. --Bas

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